With an inheritance of art and other items comes the task of not only sorting through these, but also deciding how they are shared.

While inherited collections have often great sentimental value, the monetary value may also need to be determined so that these assets can be fairly distributed to the beneficiaries.

As professional valuers, we can provide you with deceased estate valuations to make this task transparent and as easy as possible.


Our reputation in the industry means we are called upon by executors of estates, lawyers and beneficiaries to assist in providing valuations so an estate can be divided in a fair and equitable manner.

Our valuations are determined through a transparent process, where all beneficiaries and interested parties are aware of our method and findings.

In the case of valuations for probate, it is the market value that needs to be established, that is, what an artwork can be sold for.

We establish market values on a daily basis for our clients, grounded in decades of experience in the art market and using the most recent data wherever available.

You can be confident in our valuations for probate as we ensure that every aspect is considered and clearly recorded in a formal valuation document, with supporting evidence provided in the accompanying report.


We will work with you to arrange a valuation process that best suits your needs. We can come to you to catalogue the artworks and take photographs which allows us to thoroughly research all artworks.

Valuations can also be provided remotely, by using photographs and information that you can supply to us via email.

Once we have completed our research and analysis, we will provide you with a valuation document and an explanatory report giving clear evidence of how the values were established for complete transparency.

This also ensures hat all parties understand the value of your items and removes the chance of disagreement over value.

The comprehensive documentation that you receive will then assist you to make fully informed decisions regarding distribution based on accurate valuations and clear evidence.


Our experience shows that most often a collection of deceased estate art and antiques comprise a few works that have a high value, for example $20,000, and the remainder having a low value, perhaps around $300. However, the identification of the pieces that have significant value requires a trained eye and many years of professional valuations experience, which you can be assured of at Banziger Hulme Fine Art Consultants.

Understanding exactly what the value of each item is means you are well positioned to distribute estates in a fair and equitable way, as it would have been intended. By using the services of Banziger Hulme Fine Art Consultations to provide an independent valuation, you can ensure the interests of all parties are protected without one person receiving items of a disproportionate value compared to the total estate.

Similarly, our valuations have been used to inform divorce settlements, ensuring transparency and fairness with division of assets. In addition to deceased estate art valuations and family division of assets, we can also assist with valuations for insurance renewals, market value for sale and pre-purchase reports.


We can assist clients with their valuation requirements right across Australia, in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide and all other locations. We can also provide you with expert advice regarding looking after your art, buying and selling art, art auditing, art projects and specialist advice for collectors.

Banziger Hulme Fine Art Consultants are the experts in providing advice and valuation across all types of art. We have years of experience in working with Australian and international prints, drawings, watercolours, oil paintings, sculptures and photography.

You can be confident in our expertise. We are a member of the Art Consulting Association of Australia. Under the guidance of David Hulme, a fine art appraiser and approved valuer for The Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program, and Brigitte Banziger managing our business operations, you will find advice and service you can rely on and valuations you can trust.

Our clients use words like professional and excellent to describe our service, when you read the reviews on our website. We are confident that our passion and expertise in art advice and valuations will shine through. Make an obligation-free enquiry today to experience the difference Banziger Hulme Fine Art Consultants can make in assisting you with your art valuation needs.


David Hulme - Art Appraisals And Valuations

David Hulme was educated at King William’s College Private School in the Isle of Man. He has worked in the Australian art industry since 2001, both in art galleries and as a valuer and art consultant in his own business, valuing Australian and international art and advising on buying and selling art. David Hulme has been an approved valuer for the Australian Governments Cultural Gifts Program since 2007.

David Hulme is past president of the Art Consulting Association of Australia.

brigitte - Art Insurance Valuation

Brigitte Banziger holds an MA in Latin, philosophy and literary criticism from the University of Zurich. She has worked as public relations manager for SUISA, the Swiss Copyright Society for music, the media office of the University of Zurich and other public relations manager roles in Switzerland and Australia. Since 2003, she has been director and business manager of Banziger Hulme Fine Art.

Brigitte Banziger is a past member the executive committee of The Art Consulting Association of Australia.


Read what so many satisfied clients say about the art valuations and art brokerage services provided by Banziger Hulme Fine Art Consultants.

We are completely independent art valuers and advisers, ensuring you will receive honest and impartial advice, underpinned by solid research and knowledge of the art market.

A formal art valuation is often the best option when you need to update your home and contents insurance, when you are considering selling art or when you want to make informed decisions on artworks from a deceased estate or property division.

We are highly experienced in providing remote art valuations / desktop appraisals, and equally valuations that require site visits.

We have catalogued and established art values for hundreds of private clients, companies and institutions, both in Australia and overseas, valuing artworks by famous Australian artists, by less-well known painters and international artists.

The National Art School in Sydney, the National Museum of Australia, the Museum of Australian Democracy, Manly Art Gallery and Museum, Gosford Regional Gallery, Geraldton Regional Gallery, the Dubbo Regional Art Gallery, and numerous individual, public and corporate clients have entrusted us with valuing their paintings, works on paper, photographs and sculpture.