Dave’s Faves 2 in 1: Sotheby’s and Deutscher + Hackett

Sotheby’s present a tightly curated auction on 26 November in Melbourne, comprising just 60 lots with some true gems amongst them.

Deutscher + Hackett present an auction in two parts on 27 November, also in Melbourne: the first offering is 133 lots of Australian and international art, and part 2 offers 84 mostly Aboriginal art.

To start, here are Dave’s Faves from Sotheby’s:

Lin Onus, Robyn, 1995, at Sotheby's

Sotheby’s lot 17, Lin Onus, Robyn, 1995, est. $160,000-180,000

Lot 10 – Arthur Streeton, Evening, Venice (1908), est. $180,000-220,000. Edmund Capon loves him. This picture explains why

Lot 17 – Lin Onus, Robyn (1995), est. $160,000-180,000. As lovely a painting by the artist as you are likely to see.

Lot 24 – Arthur Boyd, Hunter III (The Lost Hunter) (1944), est. $380,000-420,000. Museum piece

Lot 35 – Conrad Martens, View to the Fort, Sydney Harbour 1846, est. $17,000-25,000. For early depictions of Sydney, Conrad is the man

Lot 40 – Peter Booth, Painting 1996, est. $120,000-150,000. Well, this is just brilliant, ‘chocolate coating’ I call it

Lot 41 – Dale Frank, When asked how he acquired his fine collection of French Empire clocks, Paul, Keating, then Prime Minister of Australia, described his method thus: “Most people catch antiques when they are tame, in fashionable shops. I catch my clocks while they are still wild, in out of the way places.’ 2005, est. $28,000-38,000. Best and longest title ever for a painting?

Lot 42 – Brett Whiteley, The Valley at Dusk (1983), est. $350,000-450,000. Wiley Whiteley, wonderfully wild

Lot 44 – Ambrose Patterson (Breton Woman and Child) (1907), est. $18,000-25,000. We don’t see enough of this artist’s work

Lot 53 – George W. Lambert, Eleanor, Daughter of F.E. Smith (circa 1907-1908), est. $15,000-25,000. Charming, as was Ted Gregg

Lot 54 – Norman Lindsay (Four Nudes) 1937, est. $35,000-45,000. Norman at his beautiful best

Lot 58 – Sally Gabori, Dibirdibi Country (2008), est. $8,000-12,000. My two favourite colours – need I say more

Lot 60 – Robert Klippel, Untitled 1950, est. $5,000-7,000. Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes

Viewing in Sydney is from 14 to 17 November, at 118-122 Queen Street, Woollahra, and in Melbourne from 21 – 26 November, at Anzac House, Level 4, 4 Collins Street.

You can see the catalogue online at Sotheby’s. The auction is held on 26 November in Melbourne.

If you are interested in any lots, let us know.  We can assist you with viewing, due diligence, pre-purchase reports, art collection management and bidding in person at auction.

Dave’s Faves for Deutscher + Hackett are:

Lot 5 Michael Zavros at Deutscher + Hackett

Lot 5 – Michael Zavros, White Onagadori, est. $12,000-16,000

Lot 1 – Ben Quilty, Virus, 2006, est. $35,000-45,000. Ben’s Baby

Lot 5 – Michael Zavros, White Onagadori, 2007, est. $12,000-16,000. Like much of his work, remarkable

Lot 16 – Charles Blackman, The Blue Dress, 1954, est. $65,000-85,000. Blackman peaks

Lot 29 – Joseph Johnson, Euchre in Bush c1870, est. $20,000-30,000. Strangely, the Art Gallery of Ballarat are selling this quirky little gem

Lot 30 – Rupert Bunny, Cherries c1908, est. $150,000-200,000. Light fantastic

Lot 33 – Roland Wakelin, Manly 1964, est. $30,000-40,000. Roland adds some colour to Manly, as if it is needed

Lot 41 – Clement Meadmore, Scronch, 1994, est. $15,000-20,000. Meadmore means more

Lot 63 – Emanuel Phillips Fox, Bridge over River Schiovenetti, Venice, est. $10,000-15,000. Affordable Fox, I doubt it!

Lot 71 – Euan McLeod, Figure in Moonbi Landscape, 1991, est. $15,000-20,000. This excellent and large early work was also part of a touring exhibition – ticks all the boxes

Lot 79 – Bill Henson, Untitled 1983/4, est. $6,000-9,000. You just can’t ignore Henson, he’s a genius. Wake up, Australia!

Lot 81 – Noel McKenna, Untitled (Two Cacti) 2002, est. $600-900. This guy is just way beyond quirk

Lot 86 – Eric Thake, Jack Johnson and the Golden Smile 1978, est. $8,000-12,000. Insanely good, it’s such a shame we don’t see more of Thake

Lot 88 – Robert Klippel, Untitled, 1992, est. $1,800-2,500. If the sculptures are too expensive, buy a work on paper

Lot 90 – Robert Klippel, AGNSW No. 1216, c.1970, est. $8,000-12,000. Didn’t buy lot 88 – ok, time to max out the credit card – bid

Lot 131 – Norman Lindsay, Nude, est. $1,000-2,000. Highly provocative – no surprise really that one

Go and see the works offered by Deutscher + Hackett in Sydney from 14 to 17 November at 55 Oxford Street, and in Melbourne from 20 to 26 November at 105 Commercial Road, South Yarra; the auction will be held there on Wednesday, 27 November.

Or view online at Deutscher + Hackett.

Written by

David Hulme

David Hulme is an approved valuer for the Australian Government's Cultural Gifts program and a member of the Art Consulting Association of Australia. David Hulme is also managing director at Banziger Hulme Fine Art Consultants, which is a highly respected art consultancy in Australia and has been in operation for over ten years. David also regularly comments on the Australian and international art market on national radio and in numerous local and national newspapers.

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