Testimonials for Banziger Hulme Fine Art

B.F., New South Wales, June 2014
“David, Brigitte

Thank you for the valuations, and for the speedy turnaround; this is exactly what we were looking for.

We are currently reviewing insurance coverage for a couple of our properties, and have been concerned that we had too many lesser value, and lesser known pictures, individually insured, while some of our more significant pieces were undervalued. This assessment will allow us to direct our insurance dollars more effectively. “

K.T., Victoria, April 2014
“Dear Brigitte, Thank you to yourself and David for all of your help. This appraisal helps us enormously.”

L.B., Sydney, April 2014
“Dear Brigitte and David,
I have just received the hard copies of your appraisal and valuation of the artworks.
I must compliment you on your professionalism, comprehensive cataloguing and presentation. I greatly appreciate your help in making this process as stress free as possible under the circumstances!
I will definitely recommend your services and will be in touch in the future should I choose to sell any of the works.
Once again, many thanks and kind regards”

J.P., New South Wales, March 2014
“Dear Brigitte and David. Again thank you for all your help with our art pieces. It has been very much appreciated. The funds showed in my account yesterday. Fond regards”

R.O., Queensland, February 2014
“Dear Brigitte, very happy with the result tonight. Thank you and David for the great advice and for stress free selling of our painting here in Australia.”

R.W., New South Wales, January 2014
“Thank you so much for the detailed evaluation of our Russell Drysdale drawing. The detail and advice contained in your report is very helpful.”

Jane Chapman, Chatswood, October 2013
“I found Banziger Hulme Fine Art Consultants on the net while looking for someone to value my
father’s artwork after he died. I had rung a large city-based firm as well as Banziger Hulme, but was
totally turned off by that firm’s patronizing and condescending air.

In contrast, Brigitte Banziger and David Hulme offer an informed, accessible and professional service
(as well as being delightful people). They will learn your tastes and wants quickly and make fruitful
recommendations when needed. Being a home-based service, their prices are eminently reasonable
and they will go the extra mile for their clients when appropriate. Their industry contacts are
extensive and I have found their advice extremely sound. Where necessary, they will guide me away
from what they advise to be a poor choice.

But, beware! your love of art will be fostered, your desire for greater involvement will grow and your
journey from wistful onlooker to delighted aficionado-in-training may well begin. If however, you are
already knowledgeable, you will be offered a partnership-in-expertise. Should your wants be simple,
you will get fast, friendly and expert service.”

Craig Marran, Singapore, September 2013
“Being a novice art collector I benefit greatly from the experience of David and Brigitte across the whole spectrum of buying, from their initial views on paintings and artists, the appraisals of the paintings themselves (particularly as I live overseas, so I’m unable to view them physically) to the bidding at auction and collection of the pieces. It’s an invaluable service for me.

You helped steer me in the right direction. I might like a painting, which is where it starts for me and most people, but there may be good reasons to steer clear of it due to the condition of the painting, the period in which it was painted was not the artist’s greatest, it’s too expensive based on recent sales, etc.

Helping to secure prices I like with unbiased, independent advice is very valuable and has become more enjoyable.”

Brett and Sue, Sydney, September 2013
“We have come a long way in our art education thanks to David and Brigitte, having first met them to authenticate and value paintings. Their professional approach and knowledge of the art market has been instrumental in providing us with the skills and confidence to build a significant art collection.

We have used many of the services offered by Banziger Hulme Fine Art Experts, including authentication, valuations, pre-purchase reports, auction bidding as well as arranging the re-framing of several artworks. David has also “curated” our collection, just as he has curated many public exhibitions. David has a great ‘eye’ for this and the difference it made was nothing short of amazing.

When buying art it is sometimes difficult to decipher between factual information and “sales pitch”. This is where the expert advice offered by Banziger Hulme is invaluable because it is always honest, trustworthy and impartial.

If you are considering embarking on the exciting journey of Art Collecting, then we highly recommend you take David and Brigitte along with you, as they make great travel guides!”

R.H., Sydney, July 2013
“Dear Brigitte and David, this is just a little note to say thank you very much for arranging the conservation work on my painting. It’s wonderful to see it looking so lovely and beautiful again.”

D.H., Sydney, July 2013
“Hi David, thank you for the report. Enjoyable reading. Appreciate your insights and knowledge.”

M.H. December 2012
“Just a quick email to say thank you for your very professional valuation of our artwork. It was a pleasure dealing with you and David.”

K.P., Sydney, November 2012
“Thank you for forwarding through the valuations – we really appreciate your time and effort on this, including the bios on the artists. Mum and Dad are very happy with the result.”

S.G., Sydney, November 2012
“Thank you very much for all that, very impressive indeed. We’ll talk to you about doing the same thing with the other sketch if that’s OK, the little portrait, and I’ll certainly give David a call, thanks again.”

J.D., Sydney, August 2012
“Your valuation hard copy has been received, thank you. I must compliment you and David on providing a very professional analysis and document.”

Jessica Moore, Collections Officer, Dubbo Regional Art Gallery, Dubbo, NSW, August 2008
“The valuation package has arrived and everything looks wonderful. I wanted to extend my thanks to you for the efficient and thorough way that you carried out the valuation and the clear and professional nature of the documentation you have presented me with. I will be sure to recommend your services in the future and look forward to working with you again. I have been exceptionally pleased with the service provided by Banziger Hulme Fine Art Consultants.”

J.O., Western Australia, September 2012
“Thanks for your help with my valuation request, and taking the time to ring me, your opinion has been very helpful in guiding my decision i.e. that is not to buy this particular art piece. Must also thank you for including me in the email list for future art auctions. I don’t have a specific agenda or aim to collect any particular artist’s works, the work was available and it sparked my interest, but was not sure and felt in need of advice which I am very glad I sought. Thanks again for your invaluable assistance.”

B.A., Sydney, August 2012
“Thank you very much for the email and the hard copy documents did arrive. It was lovely to meet you both and I appreciate your prompt and professional services. I will not hesitate to recommend you or to contact you should I require any further assistance.”

R.& K. W., Sydney, March 2012
“Thank you very much for valuing the artworks in our collection. We appreciated your very professional approach and the very clean documentation of the artworks. Thank you again for all your help and information, I really enjoyed reading the biographies – it has made the artworks more alive.”

B.G., Sydney, April 2012:
“We have now had an opportunity to study your valuation. We would like to thank you and David for a comprehensive and informative valuation which we certainly appreciate. The information on the artists is most interesting. Many thanks.”

J.N., Sydney, May 2012:
“Thank you both immensely for the time you put in on our dispersal of our art collection. We also enjoyed our meetings with you and felt we were in very capable hands.”

T.S., Australia:
“Love receiving your emails. I am still indebted to you both for your advice and bidding for a Cumbrae-Stewart. I still admire it daily and it reminds me of David’s call to tell me that he had bought it on my behalf. Thank you both for your contribution to art.”

H.F., Canberra, May 2012:
“Thank you so much for everything. You have been highly professional, generous with your time and advice and a pleasure to deal with.”

J. T., Athens:
“Dear David, thank you very much for your prompt & very helpful reply, on which I will act accordingly. That’s what I call excellent service from ‘Down Under’! All the best from a cold & wet Athens. “

M. Z., Lennox Head, NSW:
“Hi Brigitte / David, We received the reports last week and THANK YOU for all the effort. I finally had a chance to read them over the weekend and it looks great what you have done for us.”

T.S., Adelaide, SA:
“Thank you both. You have been invaluable in your help and information. Your service has been worth every penny. I’m sure that my mother and myself will be in touch with you in the new year for the next season of auctions.”

J.T., Australia:
“Not too disappointed and no rush to sell, it’s just that we’ve downsized the house and it no longer has a home. But thanks very much for your excellent assistance and quick response, it was greatly appreciated.”

T.V., Australia:
“Thanks so much for your time David…. We just weren’t sure what to do with it and needed some advice. Much appreciated”

L.M., UK:
“Thank you so very much for doing this. I think we will probably ship the works to the UK at some point as part of a larger shipment of furniture. It’s good to know they are worth keeping!”

J.Z., USA:
“Thank you for your prompt and insightful reply. I appreciate your honesty and suggestions and will probably be holding onto the piece now.”

Katie Dyer, Curator / Gallery Manager, National Art School, Sydney:
“Thank you so much for your lovely email and for sharing this project with us in such a whole-hearted way. It has been terrific to get to know you and I really appreciate your support in helping us with research and securing loans…all which go to making a substantial exhibition.”

E. & H. W., Mosman:
“To those who don’t know yet: You start visiting art galleries, art auctions, buying here and there. Or you have pieces which have been, for all you know, for a long time in your family. All this art around you is part of your way of life. Imagine you had to remember what you had owned and what it looked like if you lost it! Be it through fire or theft. And once we will not be around anymore, our heirs would not know the full value of the artifacts we leave behind.
How happy would you be if you had all your precious art documented, photographed and evaluated. Fortunately, we found two very knowledgeable people, who solved this problem by establishing a comprehensive catalogue of all our artwork. They took photographs of our collection, evaluated it for insurance purposes as well as for market value and also searched for biographies of the artists.
Brigitte Banziger and David Hulme from Banziger Hulme Fine Art Consultants provided a most professional document, which gives a comprehensive view of our art and its value.
We wonder how we have been able to live without it for such a long time! We can highly recommend their thorough and precise work. And it was a great pleasure to assist them in their endeavour. Thank you Brigitte and David!”

J.E. Duluth, USA:
“I’ve enjoyed working with you, and hope we can stay in touch through these works of art. If you ever hear of any news of Carrolup or of these works of art (more discoveries?) or the artists, please forward the information. Because of course being in the US there will never be a chance of me finding any more information about these works.”

Robert Lording, art collector, Sydney:
“I want to thank you for all your concern and efforts in selling my prints. I am so pleased that everything was sold. So thanks again for acting as my art brokers.”

J.V., Auckland, New Zealand:
“David and Brigitte were recommended to me when I was serving as Executor for a deceased estate in Sydney in 2006-2007. I was faced with several tasks about which I felt some trepidation due to my lack of experience and contacts in Sydney. They were: appraising several artworks and selling one through auction, having an artwork in a fragile, badly cracked condition restored, and making arrangements for the shipping of a large artwork overseas. I found David and Brigitte to be always professional, trustworthy, helpful in practical ways and to have the network of contacts to ensure that a top quality service was consistently provided. I was able to feel peace of mind about everything proceeding smoothly. The warm and friendly manner and sense of humour of both David and Brigitte made me feel very relaxed about asking questions and getting them to share some of their huge knowledge of art and contagious enthusiasm. I recommend them unreservedly.”

L.S., Mosman:
“When I brought in ten watercolour bird paintings by H.H Calvert, little did I realise what a wonderful journey you would take me and my family on with the sale of these works. It has been a most pleasurable experience dealing with David and Brigitte.”

Lyn Watson, Sydney:
“What an absolutely wonderful experience it has been doing business with David and Brigitte; they achieved a fantastic result through their hard work. I had no idea that the paintings I had were worth so much and I am thrilled to bits with this unexpected mid-year bonus.”

Ian Kiernan, AO, Sydney:
“My dealings with David Hulme and Brigitte Banziger with regard to the sale of two family paintings were exceptional. For further art-related matters I would consult Banziger Hulme Fine Art first, and I wholeheartedly recommend their services to all.”

Joanna Strumpf, Director, Sullivan + Strumpf Fine Art, Sydney:
“I have known David and Brigitte for many years, first working with them on the repatriation of a painting by an Australian artist from Europe. Despite difficulties and hurdles in getting this work back to its country of origin, which for some dealers would have been insurmountable, their professional, can-do attitude, meant that not only were we able to bring an important piece of Australian art history back to Australia – but the vendors achieved a price well beyond their expectations! I have always enjoyed my dealings with David and Brigitte and find them to be forthright, honest, efficient and knowledgeable. They provide a unique service.”


M. & K., art collectors:
“David’s honest and knowledgeable opinion and excellent judgement of artwork is very valuable to us, as we are often unable to visit auction houses, due to long distances from the major cities. We have bought several works with his assistance, and are very happy how he takes care of our interests both before and after the purchase of a work.”

Ruth Faerber, artist and art collector, Sydney:
“Brigitte and David catalogued my collection of over 170 artworks. They were highly efficient in preparing the documents for submission to museums, and I was overjoyed when the National Gallery in Canberra accepted my works for their permanent collection. David and Brigitte’s help was instrumental in achieving this great outcome, and I would not hesitate to recommend their outstanding service to any art collector. “

Gwen Dickson, Allambie NSW:
“I am happy to say my recent association with David and Brigitte of Banziger Hulme Fine Art Consultants, Manly, has been a very enjoyable experience.
I approached them for advice re the sale of some oils and watercolours, painted by my aunt Elaine Coghlan during the 1930s. Brigitte and David enthusiastically agreed to take over this task for me.
I was very impressed with their experience and willingness to explain every detail to me and appreciated their honesty in estimating the value of the artwork. They arranged the sale by auction – the result was very pleasing. “

Michael Corrigan and Felicity Kerr, art collectors:
“We have known Brigitte and David for many years and have watched their business grow and admire their expertise. If you want to know anything about fine art, approach them first, they will always look after you.”

K. & R, art collectors:
“We recently moved to Sydney and had some artworks that we wanted to sell. Knowing very little about the Sydney art market, and needing guidance and advice, we contacted Banziger Hulme Fine Art Consultants. David and Brigitte came to our home and within a few days were able to provide an appraisal of the individual artworks, together with a suggested sales strategy. The strategy was based on the best sales option for each artwork in order to achieve the best possible price. Some works were sold to other Banziger and Hulme clients, some to art dealers and some were sold at auction.
At all times David and Brigitte were helpful, friendly and professional in their approach. We are very happy with the results of the sales and grateful for their continuing courteous advice and assistance. Of late, David and Brigitte helped us select and purchase a new painting. We will continue to seek their guidance for both sales and purchases of artwork.”

David Forrest and Janis Nedela, Directors, Gallery East, North Fremantle, WA:
“We have known and worked with David Hulme and Brigitte Banziger over several years. In our experience they conduct their business on a highly professional basis. They clearly know their subject and the market. Their advice is unbiased, well informed and independent. Moreover, we have found them to be approachable, personal and open. They go out of their way to assist, are enthusiastic in providing their services and are a pleasure to do business with.”

Drew Johnson and Jodie O’Mullane, Owner Managers, Bank of Queensland, Manly:
“As banking professionals and owners of our own business, we are continually looking for unique ways to improve service to our clients. It is for this reason that we run monthly seminars for our clients about various areas of finance and investment. When David suggested we consider conducting a seminar on ‘Art as an Investment’ we immediately thought it was a fantastic idea. Our customers who attended were also delighted and still comment about the seminar today. The feedback was a combination of how impressive David and Brigitte’s knowledge of the subject matter was, and at the same time their down to earth approach to their presentation and interaction with the group. They were seen as people who knew their stuff and were approachable at the same time. Some of the feedback we received from our clients was that they were pleased that David and Brigitte weren’t ‘art snobs,’ and were ‘honest and sincere in their delivery.
We deal with many other business owners every day and find David and Brigitte are true professionals in their field. We know from experience that they take very good care of their clients and we would not hesitate to refer any of our clients who were seeking advice or assistance in art dealings. In fact, most of our clients who attended the above seminar said they now knew exactly where to go when the time came for them to buy or sell a piece of art.”

Cyril Koller, CEO Galerie Koller, Zurich & Geneva:
“Global reach is as important to us as it is to Banziger Hulme Fine Art Consultants. To know that we have partners we can trust to do an excellent job on the other side of the world is greatly reassuring.”

Simon Hollington, Arts and Antique Valuer, Sydney:
“Banziger Hulme Fine Art Consultants offer the very best in service as art brokers. They are completely committed to their goal to get the best possible result for all their clients.”

David Stein, David Stein & Co Pty Ltd, Conservation of Fine Art, Sydney:
“David Hulme and Brigitte Banziger offer a unique and highly individual art service in Australia. My dealings with them have always been extremely professional and enjoyable. I would recommend their services to all.”

John and Sandra Nelson, art collectors, Sydney:
“We have known Banziger Hulme Fine Art Consultants for many years and have bought several works with their help. Just recently Brigitte and David provided us with an insurance valuation for our collection. Their professional assistance and personal enthusiasm make it a joy to work with them. We have recommended their services to our clients who have been equally impressed by their commitment to every client’s individual needs.”