Corporate Art Services

slider-3Banziger Hulme Fine Art provides a range of corporate art services including due diligence, disposal, insurance appraisals, and art brokerage. These services all rely on what Banziger Hulme specialise in: corporate art valuations.

Our corporate art services include:

  • Art valuations for company collections
  • Due diligence for corporate art collections
  • Disposal of company art collections 
  • Insurance appraisals for corporate art
  • Art brokerage for corporate art collections
  • Market valuations for company art collections

There are various reasons as to why a company may need their artworks valued.

If a business is relocating to new premises, there may be a requirement to downsize resulting in an audit of assets to determine what is kept, sold or given away.

If there is a change in company ownership, taste in art may change, resulting in the need for the existing artworks to be valued and sold. The artworks will be appraised prior to any sale to ensure it is being sold in accordance with current market value.

Finally, companies may want to refresh their brand. As a result, anything which represents the old image needs to be replaced. Artworks play a strong part in representing a company’s image, so in an instance where the image is being refreshed, the old artwork will need to be sold or given away.

Company artworks come in several forms, including paintings, watercolours, drawings, prints, photography and sculpture.

So, what does it mean to have your artwork valued?

Artwork values can vary considerably within the same collection, depending on the artist. Banziger Hulme provide companies with accurate and transparent market valuations with an explanatory report, including evidence of prior sales and market trends.

A thoroughly researched valuation will provide the company with the required due diligence and also the insight on what the artworks are worth so it decide which option is most suitable: whether to keep, sell, or give away.

If required, Banziger Hulme can liaise with suitable third parties for a smooth disposal process to guarantee that their client’s interests are looked after with proper due diligence.

Appraising Corporate Art Collections

Banziger Hulme Fine Art Consultants are independent art valuers and advisors, which means a company will get a completely honest, 100% unbiased appraisal. They offer corporate art services in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth and across Australia, and will answer all enquiries.

What makes our corporate art valuations stand out?

To speak with an art valuer, call 02 9977 7764 or email [email protected]