Art Brokerage: Sales & Purchases

Selling or buying artworks? Use the expert art broker

Are you about to purchase a painting at auction or through an art gallery?

David Hulme expert for due diligence before buying artDavid Hulme is one of the leading experts in supplying comprehensive and succinct due diligence reports on paintings for a long list of art selling & buying clients. “I like my purchasers to be fully aware of what they are buying before they commit. I help prevent my clients from making some very costly mistakes.”

Listen to David Hulme talk about buying and selling art.

Contact us to also ascertain the market potential of your artworks discreetly and obligation-free, whether they are by Australian artists or international artists.

We do not hold stock (unlike many other art brokers), so you can be assured that you will receive completely impartial and unbiased advice.

You will also get better value whether you sell or buy art, because we do not run a retail gallery and therefore we work on lower margins, which means you get better value. This approach results in better returns for you, and you also are ensured of complete discretion and confidentiality.

As professional art dealers we will help you with the sale and purchase of oil paintings, works on paper, drawings, etchings, lithographs and other limited edition art prints, sculpture or photography.

The Broker of Many Famous Australian Art Sales & Purchases

For our clients, we have brokered the sale and purchase of  works by famous Australian artists such as Pro Hart, Arthur Boyd, David Boyd, Charles Blackman, Frederick McCubbin, Brett Whiteley, John Peter Russell, and less widely known artists such as George Keyt, Rah Fizelle, Lawrence Daws, Sali Herman to name just a few.

See our Case histories to find out what sales results we have achieved for our clients.

Here is how Craig puts it:

“Being a novice art collector I benefit greatly from the experience of David and Brigitte across the whole spectrum of buying, from their initial views on paintings and artists, the appraisals of the paintings themselves (particularly as I live overseas, so I’m unable to view them physically) to the bidding at auction and collection of the pieces. It’s an invaluable service for me.

You helped steer me in the right direction. I might like a painting, which is where it starts for me and most people, but there may be good reasons to steer clear of it due to the condition of the painting, the period in which it was painted was not the artist’s greatest, it’s too expensive based on recent sales, etc.

Helping to secure prices I like with unbiased, independent advice is very valuable and has become more enjoyable.”

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How to save time and money when buying art

Recently, David was on the phone with a client; we had valued her art collection some time ago. They talked some more about art, and it turned out that the lady would actually like to buy more artworks. However, she is very busy with jobs and family, so time is very precious. Hunting in art galleries or trawling through art auction catalogues is just not on her priority list.

When David mentioned to her that:

  • we preview paintings for sale at auction
  • provide pre-purchase reports
  • attend all major Australian art auctions
  • bid on behalf of clients and manage the whole process

she was extremely interested.

The cost to get such expert advice is small by comparison: you’ll be more confident in your purchase and less likely to make expensive mistakes.

This will not only save you time, but also money, in particular when you consider what you would pay for art in a retail gallery.

It just makes sense to seek independent advice before buying.

And we won’t be trying to sell our own stock – simply because we do not deal in art ourselves. This ensures that we won’t have conflicts of interest when it comes to advising you on buying (or selling) art.

Now is a good time to buy. We estimate that art market prices are down by 30% (compared with the heyday of 2007), and indigenous artworks more like 50% to 60%.

We will be on the look-out for the lady for works by major Australian artists, saving her time and ultimately money as well.

If you would like us to assist you as well in buying art wisely, contact us on 02 9977 7764, send us an email or skype (david.hulme63).

The initial consultation with Banziger Hulme Fine Art is free and gives you the chance to find out if we fit.

Seek out Independent Art Brokers

As independent art brokers, we act on your behalf for the sale and purchase of individual works or whole art collections. Our art dealers work on a one-on-one basis and will research the best sale method and locate the best geographical market for every artwork.

Attending all major fine art auctions in Australia, we will inform you of a particular work when it comes up for auction and bid on their behalf.

You receive in-depth analytical information on both the work and the artist and also a condition report, so that you can make a fully informed decision prior to any purchase.

We will advise you also on an international level, as we are looking for the right market to buy or sell.

Our relationships with leading auction houses and galleries both nationally and internationally mean that we can negotiate the best results for you.


The brokerage fee is usually calculated as a commission based on the value of the artwork. You get better value art brokerage services with Banziger Hulme, because we do not run a retail gallery and therefore work on lower margins, which means the savings are passed on to you.

Contact us for an obligation-free art brokerage quote – either by email or phone 02 9977 7764.

Our Service Areas

Where we offer our art brokerage services
Location Brokering Art Sales Brokering Art Purchases
Sydney Yes Yes
Melbourne Yes Yes
Brisbane Yes Yes
Canberra Yes Yes
Perth Yes Yes
Adelaide Yes Yes
Hobart Yes Yes
Darwin Yes Yes
International Yes Yes