Oxford Falls Grammar School Student Wins Fine Art Award

2013 HSC graduate, Luke Henderson, has been awarded the Banziger Hulme Fine Art Award at the Manly Art Gallery’s Express Yourself exhibition. …

David Hulme of Banziger Hulme Fine Art Consultants said he was particularly impressed by the printmaking skills of Luke Henderson and presented Luke with a limited edition signed print.

“When I look at an exhibition of HSC students I go O.K. which work would be most likely to pass muster in a reputable commercial contemporary art space?” said Mr Hulme.

“Luke’s work did this for me and I very much hope that he is able to continue to channel his gift of creativity in this way,” he said. …

Read the whole article on the OFGS website.

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Brigitte Banziger

Hello, my name is Brigitte Banziger and I am an art consultant and manager at Banziger Hulme Fine Art Consultants, Australia's art valuation and art advice experts. We offer comprehensive art valuation and art brokerage services (selling and buying art on behalf of clients). Our art services cover everything from valuations, art care and restoration, to general advice such as helping define the goals for your art collection and work out the best strategy on how to achieve those goals, including where, how and when to buy or sell.

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