Meadmore’s captive work free to join Mexico’s Olympic sculptures

Steve Dow


Janus … Australia gave it to Mexico for the 1968 Olympics.

… The Sydney-based art adviser David Hulme, of Banziger Hulme, an approved valuer for the Australian government’s cultural gifts program, says he saw the sculpture in 2010 and it was still in good condition.

”There’s been a momentum building for a couple of years,” Hulme says. ”It’s a very significant sculpture.”

He says the school had claimed the artwork as its own, even incorporating it into its school logo.

”Basically the school had said, ‘You’re not having it; it’s our sculpture’ … But the tide is definitely turning now.”

Hulme, who has no financial interest in Meadmore, argues the late Melbourne artist’s work was ”quite sublime” and he was our greatest sculptor.

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