From a very rare View of Sydney to a hand signed letter by a very famous US artist to a very special family heirloom – only at the annual art appraisal day at Banziger Hulme Fine Art

Close to hundred people attended the annual art appraisal day of Banziger Hulme Fine Art on Saturday in the Manly Corso. David Hulme said “The quality of art brought in was outstanding, and it was non-stop appraising from well before 10 in the morning until 3 pm”.

One of the most exciting finds was a work by Conrad Martens (1801 – 1878). This handcoloured lithograph from 1842 – a view of Sydney from St. Leonards – is extremely rare and is hardly ever seen in the open market. Conrad Martens travelled on the ‘Beagle’ on her journey around South America from August 1832 until October 1834, where he developed an enduring friendship with Charles Darwin.

Another very interesting piece was actually a letter from one of America’s most famous artists of the 20th century: Norman Rockwell. The letter is dated 2nd March 1952, typed unevenly and signed by hand by Norman Rockwell.

A lady brought in this absolutely stunning family portrait by an unknown artist. It has been in the owner’s family in Ireland for perhaps 300 years and was brought out to Australia only 30 years ago, and warrants more investigation.

Christopher Allen, art critic for the Australian, praises website on Antonio Dattilo-Rubbo created by Banziger Hulme Fine Art

Christopher Allen talks in “Museum and Labyrinth” (p. 18 –19, Review, The Weekend Australian, 21 – 22 February 2009) about the effect of the internet on art galleries and art institutions worldwide, and how they display their collections. He also writes about smaller institutions:

“…Among smaller institutions the Manly Museum and Art Gallery has set up a site on the painter, teacher and co-founder of the MMAG, Antonio Dattilo-Rubbo, one of several significant European artist-teachers in 20th-century Sydney who deserve to be better known. Dattilo-Rubbo is not important enough as a painter to warrant a full monograph, but the website is a perfect vehicle for assembling reproductions of his work, biographical information and the substantial introductory essay to a 1980-81 survey exhibition. …”

We are delighted that the site has received this recognition. Our other non-profit curated fine art websites include,, and

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