Finalists for the Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes 2007 announced

The Archibald Prize is for the “Best portrait painting preferentially of some man or woman distinguished in Art, Letters, Science or Politics”, the Wynne Prize is awarded to the “Best landscape painting of Australian scenery, or figure sculpture”, while the Sulman Prize goes to the “Best subject painting, genre painting or mural project by an Australian artist”.

Danelle Bergstrom won the 2007 Packing Room Prize with her portrait of Jack Thompson, titled “Take Two: Jack Thompson”.

Telling from the images, it looks like a very interesting selection. Exhbition visitors can vote as well, with the people’s choice announced on 3 May.

The winners will be announced on 2 March, and the exhibition is open from 3 March to 13 May 2007 at the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney, before it will go on tour nationwide.

Finalists Archibald Prize 2007:

* Martin Ball
* Del Kathryn Barton
* John Beard
* Danelle Bergstrom
* Adam Chang
* Zhong Chen
* Peteris Ciemitis
* Kevin Connor
* Sam Cranstoun
* Darren Crothers
* Lucy Culliton
* Carmen Di Napoli
* McLean Edwards
* Esther Erlich
* Vivian Falk
* David Griggs
* Robert Hannaford
* Daniel Henderson
* Cherry Hood
* Peter Hudson
* Jasper Knight
* Zai Kuang
* Sam Leach
* Bill Leak
* Mathew Lynn
* Abbey McCulloch
* Alexander McKenzie
* Lewis Miller
* Michael Mucci
* Angus Nivison
* Chris O’Doherty aka Reg Mombassa
* David Paulson
* Evert Ploeg
* Rodney Pople
* Paul Ryan
* Jenny Sages
* Peter Smeeth
* Sue Taylor
* Ian Waldron
* Xu Wang
* Greg Warburton

Finalists Wynne Prize 2007:

* Tim Allen
* John Beard
* Rae Bolotin
* G.W. Bot
* Michael Brennan
* Zhong Chen
* Michael Eather
* Anna Eggert
* Graham Jonh Fransella
* Joe Furlonger
* Ian Grant
* Marie Hagerty
* Paul Haggith
* Chris Langlois
* Loongkoonan
* Alexander McKenzie
* Rod McRae
* Aseem Pereira
* Gloria Petyarre
* Kathryn Ryan
* Paul John Ryan
* George Tjungurrayi
* Aida Tomescu
* Rex Turnbull
* Branca Uzur
* Ian Waldron
* John R Walker
* Thornton James Walker
* Xu Wang
* Lucy Ward
* Guy Warren
* Richard John Watkins
* Philip Wolfhagen

Finalists Sulman Prize 2007:

* Joanna Braithwaite
* Nicholas Burton
* Zhong Chen
* Desmond Connor
* Lucy Culliton
* Emma Cummings
* Michael Davis
* John Dean
* David Disher
* Jo Doring
* Andrew Frost
* Joe Furlonger
* Peter Godwin
* Victor Gordon
* Nicholas Harding
* Peter Hickey
* Paul Jackson
* Roy Jackson
* John Kavallaris
* Noel McKenna
* Glenn Morgan
* Jonny Niesche
* Nana Ohnesorge
* James Powditch
* Michael Phillips
* Jiawei Shen
* Wendy Stavrianos
* Janet Tavener
* Jonathon Throsby
* Fiona White
* Oleh Witer
* Mike Worrall
* Joshua Yeldham

On you can view the entries for the Archibald Prize.

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