Dave’s Faves from the Lawson-Menzies November art auction

The first of the November art auctions will be held by Lawson-Menzies on 21 November in Sydney.  It’s also the largest offering with 335 lots, priced from under $1,000. David has therefore allowed himself 20 ‘faves’ – here they are:

Lot 14 – Mary Edwards, Poinciana Tree, Victoria Parade, Suva 1954, est. $1,500-2,000. Tree of Life

Lot 22 – Max Mannix, Presser and Off-Sider, est. $2,500-3,500. Don’t get fleeced

Lot 23 – Donald Friend, Untitled c1964, est. $3,000-5,000. Worth $10K

Lot 26 – Peter Smets, Construction Lift, est. $10,000-15,000. Building a stairway to heaven perhaps?

Lot 53 – John Coburn, Birdman 1969, est. $30,000-40,000. What bird is that?

Lot 55 – Garry Shead, Night Music, 2004, est. $40,000-60,000. Music, Muse, Amuse, Amaze

Lot 58 – Lin Onus, Gumbirri Garginingi 1996, est. $50,000-70,000. Turtle time

Lot 63 – Arthur Boyd, Nebuchadnezzar on Fire, Fallen in a Field c1966, est. $28,000-36,000. Not for the faint-hearted

Lot 94 – Jon Cattapan, Tight 2000, est. $16,000-20,000. Red or dead

Lot 107 – Eugene Carchesio, Tim Johnson, Untitled 1995, est. $800-1,200. Skull meditation

Lot 135 – Dick Watkins, King, Queen 1998-2000, est. $9,000-12,000. Statement maker

Lot 137 – Guy Maestri, Sanctuary VII 2005, est. $5,000-8,000. ‘Sanctuary’ says it all

Lot 152 – Gwyn Hanseen Pigott, Quartet with Two Cups, 2005, est. $3,500-4,500. Tea for two and two for tea

Lots 172 and 173 – Julie Dowling, Scar and Nyining (Spirit Tree), est. each $1,000-2,000. Let’s face it!

Lot 174 – McLean Edwards, Alastair 2003. Alastairs STARE

Lot 212 – Leonard Long, Cambewarra Creek, NSW (near Nowra) 1993, est. $1,200-1,800. Vale Leonard Long (1911 – 2013)

Lot 243 – Rosella Namok, Young Couples 2012, est. $2,000-3,000. Abstract passion

Lot 278 – Mathias Kauage, Dispel A Pisin Nem Bilonge Kasuari 1989, est. $1,000-2,000. PNG’s most famous contemporary artist

Lot 310 – David Moore, Martin Place, Sydney c1949, est. $1,000-2,000. Martin Place without Channel 7

The works are on view from 14 to 21 November at 12 Todman Avenue, Kensington. Online viewing is at Lawson-Menzies. And of course we are ready to assist you with due diligence, pre-purchase reports and bidding.


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David Hulme is an approved valuer for the Australian Government's Cultural Gifts program and a member of the Art Consulting Association of Australia. David Hulme is also managing director at Banziger Hulme Fine Art Consultants, which is a highly respected art consultancy in Australia and has been in operation for over ten years. David also regularly comments on the Australian and international art market on national radio and in numerous local and national newspapers.

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