Dave’s Faves for the Smith & Singer auction on 24 June 2020

Geoffrey Smith and Gary Singer have produced their first sale of Australian and International Fine Art under their own names after their departure from Sotheby’s.

Geoffrey Smith has made it very clear that they are only interested in pursuing sales of the most valuable artworks that they can find, and their upcoming auction is a prime example of this philosophy.

Just 59 lots are being offered on 24 June in Sydney, with a low estimate of $5.96 million and high estimate of $8.3 million, which represents an average of $100,000 per artwork, even if all lots were to sell at their low estimates.

Of course, prices do vary considerably, with the top estimates for lot 12, Howard Arkley’s “Stucco House”, 1988, at $700,000-900,000, and the lowest estimates at $10,000-15,000 for lot 32, “Villa Maria Bay, Sydney”, 1882, by William Piguenit.

Previews are held in Melbourne at 14-16 Collins Street until 14 June 2020, and in Sydney, you can view the artworks at 30 Queen Street, Woollahra, from 17 to 24 June 2020.

The Auction is held on 24 June 2020, 6.30 pm, in the National Council of Jewish Women of Australia, 111 Queen Street, Woollahra.

You can view all artworks also online at the Smith and Singer website.

We would be delighted to assist you if you are interested in any of the lots. Contact us on [email protected] for more information on how we can assist you in making astute purchases.

And here are Dave’s Faves:

Lot 1 – Arthur Boyd, Evening, Shoalhaven River, 1976, 30 x 19.5 cm, est. $25,000-35,000. In the Pink

Lot 2 – Fred Williams, Bushfires near Weipa, Cape York, 1977, 55.5 x 75.5 cm, est. $35,000-45,000. All Fired Up

Lot 6 – John Brack, Laughing Child, 1958, 45.8 x 40.8 cm, est. $400,000-600,000. Blondes have more fun

Lot 11 – Joel Elenberg, Mask C, 1980, 104 x 47 x 24 cm, est. $120,000-160,000. The only mask I want to see

Lot 13 – Jeffrey Smart, Study for Bondi Penthouse, 2002, 51 x 45.5 cm, est. $100,000-150,000. A study in social distancing before we knew what it was

Lot 15 – John Olsen, Pilbara Bushfire, 1983, 136.8 x 152 cm, est. $150,000-200,000. Earthy

Lot 16 – Sidney Nolan, Kelly Head, 30. x 25.5 cm, est. $10,000-15,000. Has anyone here seen Kelly?

Lot 22 – Ethel Carrick, On the Sands, 1910, 26.5 x 35 cm, est. $140,000-200,000. Perfect Impressions

Lot 23 – Frederick McCubbin, The Bathers, 1906, 51 x 76.5 cm, est. $400,000-600,000. Naked Ambition

Lot 27 – Ethel Carrick, The Market, Caudebec, 1903, 51.4 x 61.3 cm, est. $140,000-180,000. You might have to pay more than market price for this one

Lot 32 – W.C. Piguenit, Villa Maria Bay, Sydney 1882, 36 x 66.5 cm, est. $10,000-15,000. Bay of Piguenit

Lot 33 – Hans Heysen, The South Coast, Victor Harbour, 1926, 32.8 x 40.7 cm, est. $15,000-20,000. S.A. Great

Lot 34 – Albert Namatjira, Ghost Gum and Mt. Sonder, MacDonnell Range, 1955, 36.5 x 60 cm, est. $35,000-45,000. Very large, very colourful and dated 1955.

Lot 36 – Adrian Feint, The Terrace, Neidpath, 1942, 51 x 46 cm, est. $15,000-25,000. Bricks and Mortar, always a Solid Investment

Lot 38 – Danila Vassilieff, Fitzroy Street with Grating, 1938, 50 x 54.8 cm, est. $25,000-35,000. Some Melbourne Magic

Lot 53 – Alexander McKenzie, Strong Tower, 2009, 152.5 x 152.5 cm, est. $18,000-25,000. Capture your Inner Strength


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