Dave’s Faves for the Menzies Art Auction on 11 May 2017

Where do you find museum quality art? And does it need to be “museum quality”?

The simple answer is, it doesn’t. But most art bought through commercial galleries is simply decorative and will never be worth any more than its decorative value, which often equates to perhaps 20% of its retail price.

Museum quality art in Australia can be purchased for $5,000 or $500,000, if bought in the right place.

Guiding collectors through this minefield is our speciality, and we are there to assist you if and when an artwork catches your eye. In this way, we can help you avoid costly mistakes.

In their 11 May auction in Sydney, Menzies offer such works by John Peter Russell, Elioth Gruner, John Brack and Arthur Streeton, to name just a few from the 136 lots of Australian and international art.

Below is the latest selection of museum quality Dave’s Faves to enjoy from Menzies.

You can personally view the paintings and sculptures in Sydney from 4 to 10 May, at 12 Todman Avenue, and online in the Menzies website.

The Menzies fine art auction will be held also at 12 Todman Avenue, on Thursday, 11 May 2017, starting at 6.30 pm.

001 Russell

Lot 1 – John Peter Russell, Ligurian Hills in Snow 1913, est. $5,000-8,000. Leaves a lasting impression

005 Gruner

Lot 5 – Elioth Gruner, A Summer’s Day, $20,000-30,000. Plein Air Passion

006 Heysen

Lot 6 – Hans Heysen, Rural Landscape with Gums and Grazing Sheep, 1938, est. $10,000-15,000. The Sheep’s Back

010 Onus

Lot 10 – Lin Onus, Fish in Stream, est. $12,000-16,000. Minimal Lin

018 Blackman

Lot 18 – Charles Blackman, Bundeena 1985, est. $4,000-6,000. Bundeena beach – what a peach

024 Preston

Lot 24 – Margaret Preston, The Green Curtain, c 1918, est. $55,000-70,000. Margaret’s Modernist Magic

026 Blackman

Lot 26 – Charles Blackman, Sweet Shop 1954, est. $80,000-100,000. I also like Aeroplane Jelly

031 Oliver

Lot 31 – Bronwyn Oliver, Acorn 2005, est. $70,000-90,000. No little Acorn

044 Streeton

Lot 44 – Arthur Streeton, South Head, Sydney, 1913-14, est. $200,000-260,000. Streets Ahead

050 Brack

Lot 50 – John Brack, Nude in Profile, 1974, est. $320,000-380,000. Brack bares all

060 Amor

Lot 60 – Rick Amor, Remnant Pier with a Stormy Sky 2005, est. $65,000-85,000. A Pier without Peer

064 Nolan

Lot 64 – Sidney Nolan, Kate Kelly pursued by Constable Fitzpatrick, c1945, est. $150,000-180,000. I’m sold on Forties Nolans

079 Larwill

Lot 79 – David Larwill, The Pose 2007, est. $4,000-5,000. No, not that “Blue Boy”

108 Jackson

Lot 108 – James R. Jackson, Sydney Harbour from Neutral Bay, est. $5,000-7,000. Jackson’s Landing

112 Heysen

Lot 112 – Hans Heysen, Cotswolds, England 1934, est. $5,000-8,000. Luscious Light

135 Whiteley

Lot 135 – Brett Whiteley, Arc de Triomphe 1990, est. $4,000-6,000. Escaping Le Pen

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