Dave’s Faves for the D+H Fairfax auction 30 Aug 2017

Deutscher + Hackett secured the privilege to offer the finest artworks from one Australia’s most distinguished private collections: that of the late James O. Fairfax AC.

The 54 lots offered on 30 August in Sydney represent a master class in Australian painting, with outstanding impressionist, modernist and modern classics. It’s worth going to the viewing just for the sheer pleasure of it.

If you would like to know more, avail yourself to the sale catalogue: it gives an illuminating insight into the life of an extraordinary collector, and notably features a roll call of high calibre essay writers and their research.

Fairfax was a generous benefactor during his lifetime (among others, he gifted a substantial number of European Old Masters to the Art Gallery of New South Wales), and the proceeds of this auction will also go towards a good cause: they are earmarked to help to create a charity with a focus on children’s medical research.

The Sydney preview is from 24 August until 29 August.

Please note: you will find Deutscher + Hackett at their new premises at 16 Goodhope Street, Paddington. And of course also online at the D+H website.

The auction is held on Wednesday, 30 August at the Cell Block Theatre at the National Art School,  Forbes Street, Darlinghurst.

We would be delighted to assist you with independent advice on any of the offerings in this extraordinary sale.

Choosing Dave’s Faves was somewhat being like a kid in a candy store this time round:

Lot 1, Roy de Maistre, The Beach, 1924, est. $60,000-80,000. Hot hot hot

Grace Cossington Smith

Lot 2, Grace Cossington Smith, Sofa in the Corner, 1962, est. $80,000-120,000. Homey

Russell Drysdale

Lot 4, Russell Drysdale, The Bar – Albury, c1942-43, est. $30,000-40,000. Happy Hour

Eugene von Guerard

Lot 10, Eugene von Guerard, Mr John King’s Station, 1861, est. $800,000-1,200,000. King of the Mountain

Arthur Streeton

Lot 15, Arthur Streeton, Minarets, Cairo, 1897, est. $300,000-500,000. Slim Picture, Fat Price

Frederick McCubbin

Lot 16, Frederick McCubbin, Little Dock, Melbourne, c.1914, est. $25,000-35,000. All will flock to Little Dock

Lot 18, Sidney Nolan, Glenrowan, 1955, est. $600,000-800,000. Battle it out for this one

Fred Williams

Lot 24, Fred Williams, Landscape (The Charcoal Burner), 1959, est. $80,000-120,000. Burning Bright

Lot 26, John Brack, Nude with Purple Rug, 1985, est. $50,000-70,000. That Old Brack Magic

Lloyd Rees

Lot 27, Lloyd Rees, Farm Houses at Pennant Hills, 1932, est. $20,000-30,000. Pencil me in for this one

Lot 30, William Robinson, Morning Springbrook and West, 1955, est. $160,000-220,000. Grandscape Landscape

Roy de Maistre

Lot 32, Roy De Maistre, Landscape, Sutton Forest, 1927, est. $25,000-35,000. See the Trees and the Forest

Roland Wakelin

Lot 33, Roland Wakelin, Edward Street, North Sydney, 1927, est. $20,000-30,000. Poles and wires sell-off

John Perceval

Lot 42, John Perceval, Cello Player, c1958-59, est. $30,000-40,000. Music to my Ears



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Brigitte Banziger

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