Dave’s Faves for the Deutscher + Hackett Fine Art Auction May 2015

Donald Friend

Lot 95, Donald Friend, Back Garden Harvest, estimate $6,000-$9,000

Even the worst storm in decades in Sydney with serious power cuts here on the Northern Beaches and damage and havoc all around couldn’t keep David from scrutinising the hot off the press Deutscher + Hackett catalogue of their Melbourne sale on 6 May.

It did make us appreciate electricity without which nothing goes, including getting our Dave’s Faves to you … but thankfully, this seems to have been sorted now.

So here come the slightly storm-battered Dave’s Faves for the Deutscher + Hackett auction:



Lot 1 – Danie Mellor, A Cultivated Ceremony: of Man, Myth and Magic, 2012, est. $9,000-$14,000. The willow pattern is back big time

Lot 2 – Shaun Gladwell, Approach to Mundi Mundi: Silverton Road, 2007, est. $12,000-$18,000. Look, no hands! You will need them to bid however

Lot 8 – Howard Arkley, Letter-Box Home, 1995, est. $30,000-$40,000. Not everything is black and white … Or is it?

Lot 13 – Herbert Badham, Snack Bar, 1994, est. $90,000-$120,000. Norman Rockwell would have approved

Lot 16 – Jeffrey Smart, Tamarama, 1954, est. $200,000-$250,000. “I vill sell your verk von day”

Lot 18 – Arthur Boyd, Reflected Hill, Shoalhaven, 1976, est. $65,000-$85,000. Black Swans do exist

Lot 40 – Conrad Martens, Storm over North Head, 1856, est. $100,000-$140,000. Turneresque Topical Storm over Sydney

Lot 58 – Roland Wakelin, Steps at the Rocks, 1963, est. $16,000-$20,000. Rock on

Lot 88 – Kenneth MacQueen, The White Gum Tree, 1955, est. $5,000-$7,000. Majestic MacQueen Magic

Lot 94 – Sidney Nolan, Coloured Carcass, 1953, est. $1,500-$2,500. Coloured carcass for quids

Lot 95 – Donald Friend, Back Garden Harvest, 1985, est. $6,000-$9,000. Late watercolours by Friend glow

Lot 99 – Euan MacLeod, Figure Approaching Hilltop, 2007, est. $1,800-$2,500. No Crowd MacLeod

Lot 120 – Olive Cotton, Teacup Ballet, 1935, est. $4,000-$6,000. Olive makes a lovely cuppa

Lot 128 – Roger Scott, Queenscliff Legs, 1975, est. $1,000-$2,000. Legs of Man

To view images of Dave’s Faves and have a look at all 128 lots in the sale, please visit the Deutscher + Hackett website.

For independent and straight advice on any lots in this sale, contact us on phone 02 9977 7764 or email [email protected]

Personal viewing in Sydney is from Thursday 23 April, to Sunday 26 April at 55 Oxford Street, Surry Hills.

In Melbourne, you can view from Thursday, 30 April, to Tuesday, 5 May, 105 Commercial Road, South Yarra.

The auction is held on Wednesday, 6 May, in Melbourne at 105 Commercial Road, South Yarra.

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