Dave’s Faves for Sotheby’s auction on 28 August 2018

Sotheby’s offer 67 tightly curated lots in their Sydney auction on 28 August, with several juicy, and indeed fruity offerings. They include lot 17, Grace Cossington Smith’s “Fruit in the Window, 1957 (unknown fruit – perhaps quinces?), lot 33 Julian Ashton’s “Picking Fruit”, 1914 (apples), lot 36 Norman Lindsay’s Bacchanalian Festival (apples again), lot 38 Justin O’Brien’s “Boy in Red Jacket in Landscape (pears) and lot 63 Margaret Olley’s “Basket of Oranges” (self-explanatory).

The stand-out prestige painting of the night would have to be lot 19, an immersive expansive view of Sydney harbour including the Bridge and Opera House by Brett Whiteley; it carries equally expansive estimates of $2 million to $3 million, a rare figure in the Australian auction room. The very next lot 20, Arthur Boyd’s “Drowned Bridegroom”, follows in the same vein, with estimates of $1.6 million to $1.9 million. And while we are at it, we must also mention lot 18, a fabulous Fred Williams, “Orange Hill”, estimated a bit below at $800,000 to $1 million.

Have a closer look at Dave’s Faves below for more beautiful paintings in  lower price brackets. You can view them personally as well:

in Melbourne from 15 to 19 August, in Sotheby’s new exhibition space at 14-16 Collins Street (the Paris End of course)

in Sydney from 23 – 28 August, at 30 and 34 Queen Street, Woollahra.

And also online at the Sotheby’s website.

We would be delighted to assist you with advice and due diligence reports on any of the offerings, and act as your sounding board. This can be particularly helpful and reassuring of course when it comes to any major acquisition of art, at whatever level this may be for you.

The auction is held on 28 August at the Intercontinental, 117 Macquarie Street, starting at 6.30 pm. We’ll be there on the night and happy to help you before, during and after the auction.

And these are Dave’s Faves:

Del Kathryn Barton

Lot 1 – Del Kathryn Barton, Farewell, 2004, 198 x 303.5 cm, est. $150,000-350,000. It’s a Jungle out there

Lot 2 – Cressida Campbell, Wheat Fronds and Sky (2016), 109 x 120 cm, est. $90,000-120,000. Are You a Weet-Bix Kid?

Lot 3 – Lin Onus, Frogs (1988), 115 x 235 cm, est. $150,000-250,000. No Doubt It’s a Drought

Lot 9 – Nicholas Harding, In the Swell (White Hat and Rubber Ring), 2006, 137 x 122.5 cm, est. $20,000-25,000. Let’s just call him Bob

Dale Frank

Lot 10 – Dale Frank, Conara Cleveland Epping Forest, 2006, 200 x 260 cm, est. $30,000-40,000. Remembering the Lava Lamp

Sidney Nolan

Lot 12 – Sidney Nolan, View from the Artist’s Studio, Parkville, Melbourne (1944), 51 x 63.5 cm, est. $35,000-45,000. Make a Play for this Parkville Painting

Clarice Beckett

Lot 15 – Clarice Beckett, (At Rickett’s Pint, Beaumaris), 35.5 x 45.5 cm, est. $25,000-35,000. Beckett’s Boatie Bliss

Cossington Smith

Lot 16 – Grace Cossington Smith, Chair in the Room 1960, 44.5 x 31 cm, est. $35,000-45,000. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the auction

Cossington Smith

Lot 17 – Grace Cossington Smith, Fruit in the Window 1957, 78.5 x 58 cm, est. $200,000-250,000. Great Painting, Great Provenance

Fred Williams

Lot 18 – Fred Williams, Orange Hill (1966-67), 132.7 x 122.5 cm, est. $800,000-1,000,000. Fred the Fabulous

Brett Whiteley

Lot 19 – Brett Whiteley, Harbour (Grey Day), (1978), 168 x 153 cm, est. $2,000,000-3,000,000. Icon Upon Icon

Arthur Boyd

Lot 22 – Arthur Boyd, Lovers, Ram and Black Cockatoo (1967), 108.8 x 113.9 cm, est. $80,000-120,000. Tender not Tinder

Brett Whiteley

Lot 24 – Brett Whiteley and Tapisserie D’Aubusson, The Artist’s Studio (1976), 193 x 214 cm, est. $100,000-120,000. Whiteley Weaves his Magic

Arthur Streeton

Lot 29 – Arthur Streeton, San Giovanni a Paolo, 1908, 50.8 x 76 cm, est. 200,000-300,000. Bellissima

Rupert Bunny

Lot 31 – Rupert Bunny, A word of Advice (1908), Conseil d’Amie, 65.2 x 81 cm, est. $250,000-350,000. I’m a Fan

Julian Ashton

Lot 33 – Julian Ashton, (Picking Fruit), 1914, 113 x 99.5 cm, est. $40,000-60,000. An Apple a Day…

Ray Crooke

Lot 37 – Ray Crooke, Crossing at the Palmer River, Queensland (1971), 91 x 122 cm, est. $30,000-40,000. Sublime, Serene, Sanguine

Jeffrey Smart

Lot 39 – Jeffrey Smart, Bus Stop (1955), 31 x 40.5 cm, est. $40,000-50,000. Early, Gritty and Colourful

Margaret Olley

Lot 63 – Margaret Olley, Basket of Oranges, 1964, 61 x 91.5 cm, est. $50,000-60,000. Good Enough to Eat

Elioth Gruner

Lot 67 – Elioth Gruner, Through the Trees, 1917, 44 x 34 cm, est. $20,000-30,000. I’ve seen the Light

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