Dave’s Faves for Lawson-Menzies

Lawson-Menzies at Kensington are offering some 320 works on 16th August.

We attended the viewing yesterday and David selected some of his favourite works, commonly referred to as Dave’s Faves:

Girolamo_Nerl Hilder_Sydney_Harbour Blackman_Barbara
Lot 6, G. Nerli Lot 116, J.J. Hilder Lot 41, C. Blackman

Lot 6 – Girolamo Nerli, Young Woman with an Umbrella, est. $3,000-5,000. Reminiscent of Melbourne’s 9 by 5 exhibition of 1889

Lot 17 – David Boyd, Judge Adrift (trial series), 1963, est. $7,000-9,000. We’ll let you be the judge of this one

Lot 39 – Max Dupain, Sunbaker 1937, est. $12,000-16,000. Australia’s most famous photo. This image has sold for as much as $ 35,750 incl. b.p. in 2005 – what a bargain!

Lot 40 – Brett Whiteley, Untitled (Nude Study), 1976, est. $12,000-16,000. A few simple lines to perfection

Lot 41 – Charles Blackman, Portrait of Barbara, c. 1960, est. $12,000-16,000. Now this is a Blackman with class

Lot 42 – John Brack, Reaching, 1973. The Perfect Olympic Gift

Lot 87 – David Larwill, The Inventor, 1994, est. $3,000-5,000. I am glad he invented this one

Lot 93 – Rosalie Gascoigne, Across Town, est. $5,000-8,000. Less is more

Lot 102 – Howard Arkley, Zappo Head 1996, est. $2,500-3,500. Vital

Lot 116 – J.J. Hilder, Sydney Harbour from Fort Macquarie, 1904, est. $3,000-5,000. If you are ever going to buy a J.J. Hilder, let it be this one – superb image

Lot 188 – Peter Booth, Drawing (Man with Black Background), 2009, est. $1,500-2,000. Do not bid on this one – it’s mine

Lot 224 – Margaret Olley, Chinese New Year, est. $4,500-6,500. Good Golly it’s an Olley

Lot 225 – Blamire Young, Landscape at Dusk, c. 1925, est. $1,200-1,800. A Young work painted when he was older

View online at Lawson-Menzies or personally every day to 16 August from 10am to 5.30pm at 12 Todman Avenue, Kensington.

For a chat or advice on any of the works, contact David on 02 9977 7764 or send him an email.

Written by

David Hulme

David Hulme is an approved valuer for the Australian Government's Cultural Gifts program and a member of the Art Consulting Association of Australia. David Hulme is also managing director at Banziger Hulme Fine Art Consultants, which is a highly respected art consultancy in Australia and has been in operation for over ten years. David also regularly comments on the Australian and international art market on national radio and in numerous local and national newspapers.

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