Artist’s widow to authenticate works

‘… Banziger Hulme Fine Art Consultants is organising the authentication day in its Manly office … Valuer David Hulme said he had received many calls from concerned collectors of Doyle paintings ..’

Man_D180309_DDHills News, 17 March 2009: Disappointed

“ …’This is a one-off opportunity for owners of works by D’Arcy Doyle, as Jennefer Doyle will only authenticate works in the flesh and will fly specifically to Sydney from Queensland for the day only,’ said Brigitte Banziger, of Banziger Hulme Fine Art Consultants.

The appraisals will take place at Banziger Hulme’s office in Manly on March 27.

‘Recently, there has been quite a lot of adverse publicity regarding the authenticity of paintings by D’Arcy Doyle,’ said David Hulme. ‘The artist’s widow has naturally been very concerned with her husband’s reputation, and many owners of works do not know anymore whom or what to believe when it comes to the authenticity of the paintings in their homes.

‘We have had calls from many concerned owners of D’Arcy Doyle paintings. They just want to be reassured of the authenticity of their works, so they can get peace of mind.’’ …

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