Dave’s Faves for the Deutscher + Hackett auction on 10 November 2021

John Olsen Squid

Deutscher + Hackett have just published the catalogue for their 10 November auction, and it is spectacular. The term museum quality can be applied in spades to the 125 artworks on offer, featuring brilliant prints, brilliant women artists, Australian impressionism, contemporary Australian and international art. 

It is a rather large offering for Deutscher + Hackett, and the most exciting fine art auction in a long time; grouped into seven sections, the sale starts with  Important Women Artists part I (lots 1 – 28), it  includes works formerly in the collection of Sir Keith and Dame Elisabeth Murdoch (lots 41 – 46) and also artworks from the collection of celebrity chef Shannon Bennett (lots 74 – 86), so plenty of prestigious provenance is assured. 

Appropriately, the catalogue is deeply researched and lavishly illustrated, as befits an auction carrying pre-sale estimates of $8.5 to $11.5 million. 

This sale is hot off the press, and we will be hot on the heels of the preview opening in Sydney on Thursday, 21 October, on extended view in D+H’s new premises at 36 Gosbell Street, Paddington, until Sunday, 31 October. 

The viewing in Melbourne is on from 5 to 9 November at 105 Commercial Road, South Yarra, where the auction his held on 10 November.

Personal viewing is very highly recommended, and if you cannot attend due to current restrictions, you can still view online at Deutscher + Hackett.

To celebrate this highly anticipated and long awaited auction, as well as the latest Bond film, also highly anticipated and long awaited (and suitably opening in Australia the day after the D + H auction), Dave has made some quirky connections. 

Need advice on any of these offerings? Banziger Hulme are at your majesties’ discreet service. 

In the spirit of Shirley Bassey and “Goldfinger”, I am sure that Chris Deutscher and Damian Hackett would be saying “Hey Big Spender, spend a little time with me”…

… and so Dave’s Faves with a nod to James Bond are: