Art & Investing

Investing in art has become a a buzz would and art as an investment has become very trendy.But many people do not know but most art does not actually fit into the fine art category.The art may well be sold is a good investment but what does investment actually mean? 

By what measure can art be considered a good investment?

It’s very simple: when there is a ready re-sale market for the artwork after purchase – perhaps if not tomorrow then at least sometime in the future. In reality only a small percentage of art has any real resale value, most of the art purchased at reputable fine art auctions, and some from reputable commercial art galleries or reputable art fairs. How can you start collecting art? In the media we often only hear bout at million-dollar paintings sold at the top auction houses. In reality, most art is on the market for much less. So you can start buying seriously good art under five thousand dollars. Whatever your budget, the most important is that you get independent advice when contemplating art purchases for investment. You could compare this to a building inspection before you buy a home. We at Banziger Hulme checkout and research the work you’re interested in, so you have time for assessment before you purchase. Perhaps you would like to build the collection on a particular artist or your taste is more eclectic: we can help you in all directions including international artists, we can act as your sounding board for purchases of fine art. We are not there to advise on tastes, but on quality, condition of the works, safety of purchase and that you are not paying too much. Send us an email or phone us to discuss your needs – all completely free and without any obligation.