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There are many undeservedly ‘forgotten’, ‘maligned’ or ‘undervalued’ artists, who are worthy of new exposure. Yet the time and cost involved in publishing a book may often prove prohibitive.

The web presents a great and affordable opportunity today to give worldwide exposure to an individual artist or whole art collections.

We have taken this idea on board by building dedicated fine art websites. They present the work and life of an artist, including biographical information and images of the artist’s works.

As a one-stop shop – from concept to copy-writing and implementing -, we have created fine art websites for private and institutional clients – see the examples below.

The interest in developing a website might come from a collector who holds an extensive collection of a particular artist’s work – or from family members interested in raising the profile of the artist.

BB_May2011 If you would like to know more, contact Brigitte or David on or speak with us on phone 02 9977 7764.

We take care of all aspects concerning website building:

from ISP matters to suggestion of domain names, site concept and structure, copy-writing, photography, web design, building and uploading of content to search engine optimisation and promotion of the new website.
presents the ceramics collection of the Manly Art Gallery & Museum. It is one of Australia’s finest ceramics collection with over 330 works by over 140 artists.

MAGAM_welcome was built for the Manly Art Gallery & Museum to honour this extraordinary artist and art teacher who mentored many major Australian artists such as Grace Cossington Smith, Roy de Maistre, Donald Friend and Roland Wakelin. Dattilo-Rubbo was instrumental in founding this great regional gallery which celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2010.


With we helped a private collector uncover the life of this largely forgotten Australian artist and put his work into perspective. In the process of creating the website, we discovered substantial biographical information on Norman Lloyd, often thanks to people who contacted us through the website itself.

normanlloyd was built for the family of this reclusive yet nevertheless very talented artist. His works only received posthumous recognition with an exhibition at the Mosman Art Gallery, and now with this website
dedicated to him, so his art will not be forgottten.